Weekly Update: 7.12.2017

I am writing this while laying in bed, exhausted, and so done. I just want to be done.

We’ve been packing non stop. I swear that the sound of tape ripping from its roll has become silent to me. I now have the spelling capabilities of a 2nd Grader. And I have discovered that there are places that sweat that you’d never think they would sweat. Such as my eye lids. Like what the heck eye lid. There is no need for you to be doing that.

I cant wait for this all to be over with. I want a nice pedicure and manicure after this is all done. A warm bath that includes a Lush Bath Bomb of my choice. I also need some much needed rest. I am so tired right now that I am pretty sure I am not even forming coherent sentences.

Please say a prayer for us and that this will all just work out on its own and that I should stop worrying about it all. I really just need to have a good cry. I feel like i have been holding in so many that I just want to lay in our hotel room, for hours, day, weeks. and. just. cry.

I get to go to Sloss Fest this weekend!!!

Orientation is soon too. I am worried about that but I am trying not to be.

I really just want my dad back home.

That is all good night and see you next week.


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