Closing Another Chapter

Wednesday was my last official day of high school classes. I had one AP to complete the following Thursday and I was done. I couldn’t believe it. All these days that I had woken up at the crack of dawn to learn these mindless things and write wordless essays. I am so thankful to be done. I am one of those people who believes a they will never miss those days.

I will say I missed those days back when I was living in Alabama but I will never miss it here.

I am getting more and more anxious to about going to college every day. I use to sike myself out every time I would go up a grade. I thought it was going to be so difficult that I wouldn’t even make it the first week.

College is gonna be different. I don’t feel prepared for it. I still feel like I am a 6th grader just now getting used to lockers for the first time. I hope that over the summer this will have changed. I hope I can look back at this and smile because I was so wrong…


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