73 Favorites

Currently sitting in my bed. Tomorrow I am taking the SAT for probably (hopefully) my last time. Now, I am one who does not believe in the studying of these stupid test that determines my future. And that obviously shows in my low scores on these evaluations.

So, since I once again did not study, I will be writing some of my favorite things down in a list to brighten my mood and make me think positively through the night. That should work, I guess?

1. Favorite candy?

  • If it’s chocolate, Hershey Kisses with almonds. If it’s hard candy I like blow pops.

2. Favorite song?

  • Lovely (Remastered) by Twenty One Pilots.

3. Favorite food?

  • Spaghetti with no meatballs.

4. Favorite drink?

  • Coffee, Preferably a nice cold brew or cafe latte.

5. Favorite band? Artist?

  • Twenty One Pilots.

6. Favorite movie?

  • The Switch.

7. Favorite book?

  • Landline by Rainbow Rowell.

8. Favorite restaurant?

  • Hawkers (just look it up).

9. Favorite person?

  • Emma Freaking Watson.

10. Favorite hair color? Eye color?

  • I love lavender or grey hair. Any color for eyes.

11. Favorite website?

12. Favorite board game? Video game?

  • Trouble and Mario Cart.

13. Favorite sport to play? To watch?

  • Golf.

14. Favorite school subject?

  • Math (not including statistics).

15. Favorite state? City?

  • Birmingham, Alabama. Roll Tide.

16. Favorite number? letter?

  • 27. J.

17. Favorite animal?

  • Doggos (dogs).

18. Favorite TV show?

  • How I Met Your Mother.

19. Favorite quote?

  • Don’t have one?

20. Favorite store?

  • Lush.

21. Favorite color?

  • Green.

22. Favorite article of clothing?

  • Vans.

23. Favorite type of perfume or cologne?

  • I don’t usually wear any.

24. Favorite memory from this year?

  • Twenty One Pilots concert. Waiting outside from 5 am to 6 pm was quite the experience. Then The next day I get sun poisoning because I didn’t wear any while sitting directly in the sun.

25. Favorite age?

  • 19.

26. Favorite trait?

  • Loving

27. Favorite music video?

  • Ophelia by Lumineers.

28. Favorite time of day?

  • Night.

29. Favorite phone brand?

  • iPhone.

30. Favorite shoe brand?

  • Vans.

31. Favorite fashion style?

  • I don’t understand the question but I guess neutrals with lots of stripes.

32. Favorite pattern?

  • Houndstooth. Roll Tide.

33. Favorite gift?

  • Anything Lush.

34. Favorite humor?

  • Stupid Humor.

35. Favorite chip brand? Flavor?

  • Lays. Sweet Southern Heat.

36. Favorite band to see live?

  • Twenty One Pilots.

37. Favorite teacher?

  • Mrs Puskas.

38. Favorite celebrity?

  • Emma Watson.

39. Favorite news station?

  • None.

40. Favorite DIY?

  • Any bird feeder thing. Like the ones where you put peanut butter on a pinecone.

41. Favorite instrument?

  • Flute.

42. Favorite genre of music?

  • Alternative.

43. Favorite season?

  • Winter.

44. Favorite experience?

  • Any wedding,

45. Favorite shirt?

  • Anything with stripes.

46. Favorite bottoms?

  • Leggings?

47. Favorite scent?

  • Mint.

48. Favorite human interaction?

  • Hugs.

49. Favorite music genre?

  • Wasn’t this already asked? See number 42.

50. Favorite compliment?

  • Anything.

51. Favorite insult?

  • None.

52. Favorite phone app?

  • Instagram.

53. Favorite type of phone?

What is this list. See number 29.


54. Favorite pair of shoes?

  • Chacos.

55. Favorite body feature (on yourself)?

  • Lips.

56. Favorite YouTuber?

  • .Qcknd


57. Favorite computer brand?

  • Macbook.

58. Favorite lyrics?

  • The sun will rise and we will try again.

59. Favorite advice?

  • Live in the moment.

60. Favorite car brand?

  • Honda.

61. Favorite emoji?

  • Laugh crying emoji.

62. Favorite hobby?

  • Golfing.

64. Favorite TV show character?

  • Ted Mosby.

65. Favorite book character?

  • Can’t name one.

66. Favorite movie that’s coming out?

  • It just came out but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

67. Favorite designer brand?

  • Kate Spade.

68. Favorite dessert?

  • Ice Cream.

69. Favorite country? City?

  • France.

70. Favorite feeling?

  • Happiness.

71. Favorite weather?

  • Snow.

72. Favorite mode of transportation?

  • Plane!

73. Favorite console?

  • Play Station


Now that I have some positive vibes I think I am ready to sleep!! Now I got this list from Question Lists on tumblr. It was originally 100 but I had to take out a lot due to repeated questions or things I didn’t feel to be appropriate. :/

Good Night!


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