My Thoughts on TRW

So I’ve been seeing a lot of article and things on the news about Thirteen Reasons Why (which I will now be calling TRW). As someone who read the book way before there was even a mention of it being a series and someone who is the same age as these characters, I think I am entitle to have an opinion about it.

I was assigned to read the book as summer reading going into my sophomore year of high school. I remember being really engaged into the book. I had to do a project on it too. I remember even picking up another book from the same author, That’s how much I enjoyed his story telling.

Now when I heard in January 2017 that Netflix was going to be making it a series I was immediately counting down the days to its release. And when it did I was able to finish it within that weekend. 

I had so many feelings rushing through me while watching it. I would laugh and smile, tear up and feel uneasy. But that’s exactly what I was supposed to be feeling. You aren’t supposed to watch this show and go unscathed. It leaves a much needed mark on your heart. It makes you think about all your actions and how they have an effect on the people around you.

TRW has been getting a lot of back lash lately though. That’s really why I am writing this. I want this memory of this book and this show for me to have a great impact and stay that way. I don’t want the opinions of others to change mine. Which I know sounds terrible just bare with me.

People have been saying that they romanticized suicide. Well frankly I think we all couldn’t handle a series with the complete truth when it comes to suicide. And come on it’s. a tv show for goodness sakes! The closest thing other than TRW is the actual thing. And we don’t need that. Although I do think they did almost hit the mark on this one. 

Honestly I don’t know if “adults” opinions should really matter when it comes to this show. They don’t know how hard school is these days and the amount of mean people in the world. They don’t realize how a small thing to them is HUGE to you. 

“Oh someone put your butt on the best of the best list! That great!”

Like no. The moment they put her on that list she was the center of every boy (and girls) attention. And that was not a great thing. 

So what I’m trying to say is, watch it. If it’s too hard. Stop and leave it be. Watch when you are able to.

This is all I’m going to write on this topic. I usually don’t share my opinions on hard topics like these because I’m scared of any kind of back lash. But I felt really confident in this. 

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