Songs of the Week

  • Let’s Go – Matt and Kim
  • Cameras – Matt and Kim
  • Get It – Matt and Kim
  • I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers
  • Out of my League – Fitz & the Trantrums
  • Dead Sea – The Lumineers
  • Six Weeks – Of Monsters and Men

#2: Butterflies

I am one to think wayyyyyy to much about something and freak out about what is to come. This happens most every year around this time. School. Every year psych myself out because I make myself believe that I am not ready for the next educational step in my life. But  I try to make my self realize that all those 12 or so years in school have been preparing me for this day. I am meant to be here and meant to do something great on this planet.

Yesterday I had the best reaction to telling someone I was undeclared. He was a higher up that I recognized from an event in tampa. He told with enthusiasm that undeclared students are his favorites and that with it you get to take the fun classes and try new things. It really made a positive impact for me. And I am not saying that people are rude or weird about undeclared but it’s just something some people dont know how to react to.

Tomorrow I will be walking the campus to my classes to know where I will be going Wednesday! I am gonna need lots of water and a snack! Wish me luck!


#1: Moved In

August 19th, 2017


I am fully moved into my dorm now and ready to experience all the experiences.

I have facetimed my mother a total of 2 times.

I was awoken at 2 in the morning by the sounds of the shower and Jurassic Park.

I have fairy lights with pictures of family attached.

I have eaten at my local dining hall.

I have already had two cups of coffee (decaf because I cant read labels).

I have walked to Publix and sweated out the granola bar I had eaten right before.

I have netdlixed the office.

I have plans to have dinner with a friend from my former school.


University of Alabama, I am ready for all of your free t-shirts.

Exciting Things

I can’t wait for weekend football games where I can dress up in crimson and cheer on my favorite team.

I can’t wait for friends that I can count on again.

I can’t wait for freedom,

I can’t wait for midnight cookie runs to insomnia.

I can’t wait for trying my hand at social activities.

I can’t wait for “parties”.

I can’t wait for concerts. (9/6 and 10/13)

I can’t wait for figuring out things.

Weekly update: 08/06/17

Finally updating after many weeks! I am finally out of that horrible hotel!! Ugh it was so bad…. except for the free breakfasts of course. I have so much to update on!!

First off, Sloss Fest was amazing!! I was able to get to the front for Judah and the Lion!! I had such an amazing time and I am so thankful for my brother!

I had my orientation a two weeks ago and I had lots of fun. I got to stay over in the dorm. I can’t wait to collect all of those comfort color t-shirts.  I only have 12 days until I move in for real!! For now I am having to collect all of the things that I am going to need!!

We moved into our house Tuesday. We are not completely settled but we are very close!! Somehow there was a rouge king sized mattress left by the movers that did not look at all familiar. It is a very good mattress Tuft and Needle to be exact. I have claimed it as my own now and I will be getting a frame for it tuesday! So far my room is having a theme of gray and I love it.

I think that’ll be all for now see you next week.



Weekly Update: 7.23.2017

I'm late on this update because the wifi that is here at the hotel doesn't work! Yayyyy!

I'm not gonna update now so I'll just wait till next week when I will have more to talk about.

Weekly Update: 7.12.2017

I am writing this while laying in bed, exhausted, and so done. I just want to be done.

We’ve been packing non stop. I swear that the sound of tape ripping from its roll has become silent to me. I now have the spelling capabilities of a 2nd Grader. And I have discovered that there are places that sweat that you’d never think they would sweat. Such as my eye lids. Like what the heck eye lid. There is no need for you to be doing that.

I cant wait for this all to be over with. I want a nice pedicure and manicure after this is all done. A warm bath that includes a Lush Bath Bomb of my choice. I also need some much needed rest. I am so tired right now that I am pretty sure I am not even forming coherent sentences.

Please say a prayer for us and that this will all just work out on its own and that I should stop worrying about it all. I really just need to have a good cry. I feel like i have been holding in so many that I just want to lay in our hotel room, for hours, day, weeks. and. just. cry.

I get to go to Sloss Fest this weekend!!!

Orientation is soon too. I am worried about that but I am trying not to be.

I really just want my dad back home.

That is all good night and see you next week.

Weekly Update: 7.6.2017

Starting this weekly update off with saying…… WE MOVE TO ALABAMA IN ONE WEEK.

Holy moly. How do the days move so quickly in the summer. Especially here in Florida I find that my day seem to go by so fast! I can’t wait to get back to Alabama where the days are long. It also looks as if we will be staying in a comfort in for about 2 and a half weeks. This should be interesting since I will be stuck in a room with my grandmother and three dogs for this time. At least we will have free breakfast and a pool!

The band I claim to be my favorite band posted some very interesting pictures on twitter today. They had added  a new profile picture of the logo in an eye and over the span of 8 hours posted picture of that same eye closing gradually with the addition of some lyrics.


Now on every social media page instead of |-/ being in the profile picture all that is left is -. It was an emotional rollercoaster. I see this as them saying “hey we are taking a nap/break, see you soon” sorta thing.

Now tomorrow will be my last day at work. I am really excited!! Having a job is really tiring and I am ready for a break! I have really enjoyed my time there and I am grateful for the experience. I created a lot of friendships through it!

I ordered some of my bands merch that was from there tour a couple weeks ago and I am really excited for it. Sadly its not supposed to ship until September! Oh well It will be a great surprise when I forget about it!!


Ill be posting a things I will miss list and things I will not miss list that is inspired by my loving sister Sarah.

Sloss fest count down: 9 days.





Weekly Update: 6.30.2017

Completing this month I can now say that we have a house. We will be moving in by the end of the month. We have to move into a rental for awhile just so my mother can get back to working.

I have been very overwhelmed with this week. I am very worried about orientation and the move. I am so worried that I am not gonna know what to do at school and where to go and what I want to do. It looks like I’m gonna have to pay for the hots that I am gonna need for school. Our insurance isn’t gonna kick in until August 1st…… it’s due August 1st. I am not one to wait till last minute for things. Especially because if the insurance happened to not kick in it would SUCK. I really wanted to be settled into our new home by the time of my orientation but it just looks like it’s not gonna happen.

My oldest brother got me tickets to Sloss Fest. It’s a music festival located in Birmingham, AL. I am really excited for this one! I want to see Judah and the lion! I got to see them open for Twenty one Pilots in February. They put on a great show!

Next week will be my last week at my job. I will miss every one there dearly. They have all been so kind and caring. Kristi is my favorite. She feeds me and buys me coffee. I owe her a lot of money lol.

Tonight my dad is driving from Pennsylvania to home. I am really excited for him to be here! He has been having really bad headaches (called Cluster headaches) that are no good for him. I can’t wait til he gets here!

That’s all for this week!


Weekly Update: 6.21.2017

So, I’ve decided to start something new. I like to think of my blog as a public diary. Something I can look back to when I need a smile or just a reminder. So I am going to try to do a weekly update on myself for as long as I can keep it up.

TIRES. I have decided I have no fondness toward the thought of those dreadful things. On my trip back from Alabama last week I must have picked up a nail on the construction filled highways. UGH. So, I had to purchase two new tires for my car. ADULTING!

Today has been a really great day! My mother and I have gotten a ton of work done in the house to prepare for our move. My closet is completely empty except for the few cloths I think I might wear before our official move date. We got two other closets around the house emptied and cleaned! We figured out a way to get the boxes of things we packed out of our way by putting everything we packed into the front room that my brother and his wife used to live in. I had been really nervous all day but after today I am feeling a lot better about all of this. HAVE I MENTIONED WE FOUND A HOUSE. It’s a real beauty! Five bedrooms and four baths! And one of those beds and baths is actually apart of its own little apartment attached to the house! Two of the bedrooms are upstairs while the other two are down stairs and are both master bedrooms. Perfect fro my grandmother and parents. There’s even a pool. Nothing fancy but ITS A POOL. I am so excited…

Virginia, my grandmother, has a birthday tomorrow! I believe she will be turning a ripe ole age of eighty-seven! I will be getting plenty of Pepsis and lollipops for her.

Yesterday one of my all time favorite bands played a 300 capacity building. I watched a live stream all night of the whole thing. It was amazing. I think I accumulated more screenshots in that one live stream than I have since I had my phone. I wish I could have gone. Tonight and tomorrow the will be playing another small venue and there will be two full sized shows at the end of the week. They are all located in Columbus,OH (there hometown). I am insanely jealous of all the people who get the wonderful chance to be there this week. I am trying to stay away from my phone for the rest of the week (at least during the concert times).

Alright that is all for this week (why is Seth Myers voice in my head?).