Weekly Update: 6.21.2017

So, I’ve decided to start something new. I like to think of my blog as a public diary. Something I can look back to when I need a smile or just a reminder. So I am going to try to do a weekly update on myself for as long as I can keep it up.

TIRES. I have decided I have no fondness toward the thought of those dreadful things. On my trip back from Alabama last week I must have picked up a nail on the construction filled highways. UGH. So, I had to purchase two new tires for my car. ADULTING!

Today has been a really great day! My mother and I have gotten a ton of work done in the house to prepare for our move. My closet is completely empty except for the few cloths I think I might wear before our official move date. We got two other closets around the house emptied and cleaned! We figured out a way to get the boxes of things we packed out of our way by putting everything we packed into the front room that my brother and his wife used to live in. I had been really nervous all day but after today I am feeling a lot better about all of this. HAVE I MENTIONED WE FOUND A HOUSE. It’s a real beauty! Five bedrooms and four baths! And one of those beds and baths is actually apart of its own little apartment attached to the house! Two of the bedrooms are upstairs while the other two are down stairs and are both master bedrooms. Perfect fro my grandmother and parents. There’s even a pool. Nothing fancy but ITS A POOL. I am so excited…

Virginia, my grandmother, has a birthday tomorrow! I believe she will be turning a ripe ole age of eighty-seven! I will be getting plenty of Pepsis and lollipops for her.

Yesterday one of my all time favorite bands played a 300 capacity building. I watched a live stream all night of the whole thing. It was amazing. I think I accumulated more screenshots in that one live stream than I have since I had my phone. I wish I could have gone. Tonight and tomorrow the will be playing another small venue and there will be two full sized shows at the end of the week. They are all located in Columbus,OH (there hometown). I am insanely jealous of all the people who get the wonderful chance to be there this week. I am trying to stay away from my phone for the rest of the week (at least during the concert times).

Alright that is all for this week (why is Seth Myers voice in my head?).














Want List

I like lists so here’s another!

  1. Wacom drawing pad thing.
  2. Vans (more).
  3. A swimsuit.
  4. A NEW HOME!!!
  5. White bedding.
  6. Simple Desk.
  7. Nice Dresser.
  8. More Salt Lamps.
  9. A dog bed to try and get all that dog fur out of my own.
  10. Cloths that I like.
  11. A good ballet flat.
  12. A good wedge.
  13. To go roller blading.
  14. To go ice skating.
  15. Backyard (maybe with a pool)
  16. THINX
  17. Pillows. Lots of Pillows.


I am quite emotional. Even as I am writing this it makes well up.

I was looking at my instagram, like any other normal day, and I see multiple pictures of people from old school. They had their Awards Day today. They were in their cap and gowns adorned with multiple colors of cords and yellow sashes.

I saw seas of royal blue throughout my feed. I felt like I couldn’t escape it all.

I wish I could be there with them. I wish I was in those pictures, the boomerang kind where you jump in the air.

I miss my school so much. I loved how it was so small you knew everyones names. I loved the Spirit Weeks and overall admiration that everyone felt towards our school. I loved that I had friends. I loved that I felt like they knew me and they got me. I loved the band. I love how it brings together so many people. I loved that school and everyone in it.

Good Night.

One thing

How can one accessory make you feel different about yourself?

This is how I feel about my new Warby Parker Glasses. I know I just got them tonight but I can notice the difference already. I feel prettier and more cleaner somehow. I think its the color. It brightens me. My mood even seems calmer and lighter.

I feel the same way about my tattoo. When ever I feel down I can just look at it and it just makes me feel so much better. I love it.

Well I just found out I have to give up my room for the next week…. so all that has gone out the window.


A Poem About my Dog

I look at her quizzically

Causing her to leap up

She challenges me

With her favorite toy

Hanging from her mouth


Waiting for my response

The smallest movement causes her reaction

She releases her energy

Which cannot be contained

With playful barks and lurking stares

I chase her through the sunlit hallways

She has the grace of a baby deer

As she leaps to through the house

Finally, once I am able to corner her

She breaks down

Rolling on her back

Scratching at my skin

Seeking Attention

Begging for praise

Closing Another Chapter

Wednesday was my last official day of high school classes. I had one AP to complete the following Thursday and I was done. I couldn’t believe it. All these days that I had woken up at the crack of dawn to learn these mindless things and write wordless essays. I am so thankful to be done. I am one of those people who believes a they will never miss those days.

I will say I missed those days back when I was living in Alabama but I will never miss it here.

I am getting more and more anxious to about going to college every day. I use to sike myself out every time I would go up a grade. I thought it was going to be so difficult that I wouldn’t even make it the first week.

College is gonna be different. I don’t feel prepared for it. I still feel like I am a 6th grader just now getting used to lockers for the first time. I hope that over the summer this will have changed. I hope I can look back at this and smile because I was so wrong…


Just for your information, I am mainly writing on here for myself. I want to look back at what my thoughts and plans were over the years. I think it would be cool.

So this time wanted to write about my goals. My aspirations for the coming years.

  1. Find a Major – I know what you’re thinking. All freshman change their major at least once. I am not really sure what I want to do. I think being in some sort of creative major would be good for myself. I thrive on creating things from nothing. I definitely want to take a bunch of art classes this fall. But I have to think into the future about these things. What’s gonna get me far in this world. I was recently thinking about being a ophthalmologist. I think this came from my recent purchase from Warby Parker. I think it would be cool working for them. Maybe being on some sort of creative team designing the glasses, I think that would be cool.
  2. Make Friends – Ever since moving to Florida I’ve lost a lot of connections with some of my best friends. Whether this fall I reach back out to those friends or make new ones up in T-Town. I really miss going out with people (who I’m not related too). Having someone that I can say practically anything too. I can’t say it hasn’t been tough. It’s mainly my fault I guess. I’m not great at small talk and I get really nervous around groups of new people. I’m gonna have to get really out of my comfort zone this year.
  3. Grow my Vinyl Collection – This year I bought my first record player! I had received a live vinyl from one of my favorite bands for christmas but sadly had nothing to play it on. I took my time researching to find the best but most affordable one on the market. I ended up getting the Audio-Technica. After having for 5 months, I have to say it is one of my favorite purchases. I just need to build my vinyl collection. I have about nine total right now. If you have any vinyl finding tips let me know.
  4. Get another Tattoo – Honestly, I don’t know when I will be getting my next tattoo but I am always thinking of it.  It’s always in the back of my mind. I will mention something that happened to me when I visited Celebration, near Disney, on Saturday. I was checking out at a little corner bakery when the boy at the register said “Are those roses?” At first I had no idea what he was talking about. But then he mentioned my tattoo and I told him no, that they were peonies (And it doesn’t bother me that people sometimes mistake the type of flower it is). But he then began to recommend a tattoo artist for me that was just across the road. I immediately thanked him for the recommendation. I was really giddy (on the inside) that he had done that (i’d never gotten a recommendation before so it was kind of a big deal). Okay end of story.
  5. Do Good – I just want to take college as seriously as possible. I want to do my best. I don’t want all of this hard-earned money to go straight down the drain. I will get all A’s. I will be productive. I will be positive and ready to work with other people. This is a big goal but you never know if you can do something if you don’t try.

Header Photo

73 Favorites

Currently sitting in my bed. Tomorrow I am taking the SAT for probably (hopefully) my last time. Now, I am one who does not believe in the studying of these stupid test that determines my future. And that obviously shows in my low scores on these evaluations.

So, since I once again did not study, I will be writing some of my favorite things down in a list to brighten my mood and make me think positively through the night. That should work, I guess?

1. Favorite candy?

  • If it’s chocolate, Hershey Kisses with almonds. If it’s hard candy I like blow pops.

2. Favorite song?

  • Lovely (Remastered) by Twenty One Pilots.

3. Favorite food?

  • Spaghetti with no meatballs.

4. Favorite drink?

  • Coffee, Preferably a nice cold brew or cafe latte.

5. Favorite band? Artist?

  • Twenty One Pilots.

6. Favorite movie?

  • The Switch.

7. Favorite book?

  • Landline by Rainbow Rowell.

8. Favorite restaurant?

  • Hawkers (just look it up).

9. Favorite person?

  • Emma Freaking Watson.

10. Favorite hair color? Eye color?

  • I love lavender or grey hair. Any color for eyes.

11. Favorite website?

12. Favorite board game? Video game?

  • Trouble and Mario Cart.

13. Favorite sport to play? To watch?

  • Golf.

14. Favorite school subject?

  • Math (not including statistics).

15. Favorite state? City?

  • Birmingham, Alabama. Roll Tide.

16. Favorite number? letter?

  • 27. J.

17. Favorite animal?

  • Doggos (dogs).

18. Favorite TV show?

  • How I Met Your Mother.

19. Favorite quote?

  • Don’t have one?

20. Favorite store?

  • Lush.

21. Favorite color?

  • Green.

22. Favorite article of clothing?

  • Vans.

23. Favorite type of perfume or cologne?

  • I don’t usually wear any.

24. Favorite memory from this year?

  • Twenty One Pilots concert. Waiting outside from 5 am to 6 pm was quite the experience. Then The next day I get sun poisoning because I didn’t wear any while sitting directly in the sun.

25. Favorite age?

  • 19.

26. Favorite trait?

  • Loving

27. Favorite music video?

  • Ophelia by Lumineers.

28. Favorite time of day?

  • Night.

29. Favorite phone brand?

  • iPhone.

30. Favorite shoe brand?

  • Vans.

31. Favorite fashion style?

  • I don’t understand the question but I guess neutrals with lots of stripes.

32. Favorite pattern?

  • Houndstooth. Roll Tide.

33. Favorite gift?

  • Anything Lush.

34. Favorite humor?

  • Stupid Humor.

35. Favorite chip brand? Flavor?

  • Lays. Sweet Southern Heat.

36. Favorite band to see live?

  • Twenty One Pilots.

37. Favorite teacher?

  • Mrs Puskas.

38. Favorite celebrity?

  • Emma Watson.

39. Favorite news station?

  • None.

40. Favorite DIY?

  • Any bird feeder thing. Like the ones where you put peanut butter on a pinecone.

41. Favorite instrument?

  • Flute.

42. Favorite genre of music?

  • Alternative.

43. Favorite season?

  • Winter.

44. Favorite experience?

  • Any wedding,

45. Favorite shirt?

  • Anything with stripes.

46. Favorite bottoms?

  • Leggings?

47. Favorite scent?

  • Mint.

48. Favorite human interaction?

  • Hugs.

49. Favorite music genre?

  • Wasn’t this already asked? See number 42.

50. Favorite compliment?

  • Anything.

51. Favorite insult?

  • None.

52. Favorite phone app?

  • Instagram.

53. Favorite type of phone?

What is this list. See number 29.


54. Favorite pair of shoes?

  • Chacos.

55. Favorite body feature (on yourself)?

  • Lips.

56. Favorite YouTuber?

  • .Qcknd


57. Favorite computer brand?

  • Macbook.

58. Favorite lyrics?

  • The sun will rise and we will try again.

59. Favorite advice?

  • Live in the moment.

60. Favorite car brand?

  • Honda.

61. Favorite emoji?

  • Laugh crying emoji.

62. Favorite hobby?

  • Golfing.

64. Favorite TV show character?

  • Ted Mosby.

65. Favorite book character?

  • Can’t name one.

66. Favorite movie that’s coming out?

  • It just came out but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

67. Favorite designer brand?

  • Kate Spade.

68. Favorite dessert?

  • Ice Cream.

69. Favorite country? City?

  • France.

70. Favorite feeling?

  • Happiness.

71. Favorite weather?

  • Snow.

72. Favorite mode of transportation?

  • Plane!

73. Favorite console?

  • Play Station


Now that I have some positive vibes I think I am ready to sleep!! Now I got this list from Question Lists on tumblr. It was originally 100 but I had to take out a lot due to repeated questions or things I didn’t feel to be appropriate. :/

Good Night!

My Thoughts on TRW

So I’ve been seeing a lot of article and things on the news about Thirteen Reasons Why (which I will now be calling TRW). As someone who read the book way before there was even a mention of it being a series and someone who is the same age as these characters, I think I am entitle to have an opinion about it.

I was assigned to read the book as summer reading going into my sophomore year of high school. I remember being really engaged into the book. I had to do a project on it too. I remember even picking up another book from the same author, That’s how much I enjoyed his story telling.

Now when I heard in January 2017 that Netflix was going to be making it a series I was immediately counting down the days to its release. And when it did I was able to finish it within that weekend. 

I had so many feelings rushing through me while watching it. I would laugh and smile, tear up and feel uneasy. But that’s exactly what I was supposed to be feeling. You aren’t supposed to watch this show and go unscathed. It leaves a much needed mark on your heart. It makes you think about all your actions and how they have an effect on the people around you.

TRW has been getting a lot of back lash lately though. That’s really why I am writing this. I want this memory of this book and this show for me to have a great impact and stay that way. I don’t want the opinions of others to change mine. Which I know sounds terrible just bare with me.

People have been saying that they romanticized suicide. Well frankly I think we all couldn’t handle a series with the complete truth when it comes to suicide. And come on it’s. a tv show for goodness sakes! The closest thing other than TRW is the actual thing. And we don’t need that. Although I do think they did almost hit the mark on this one. 

Honestly I don’t know if “adults” opinions should really matter when it comes to this show. They don’t know how hard school is these days and the amount of mean people in the world. They don’t realize how a small thing to them is HUGE to you. 

“Oh someone put your butt on the best of the best list! That great!”

Like no. The moment they put her on that list she was the center of every boy (and girls) attention. And that was not a great thing. 

So what I’m trying to say is, watch it. If it’s too hard. Stop and leave it be. Watch when you are able to.

This is all I’m going to write on this topic. I usually don’t share my opinions on hard topics like these because I’m scared of any kind of back lash. But I felt really confident in this. 

This is a Mess

So I am already an overly nervous person to begin with but put college on top of that and I am ready to pass out.

I have all these things to fill out, money to put down for housing, and not to mention the four shots, that are probably going to be put in my butt. Oh yeah, and I currently don’t have any medical insurance, for reasons i’d rather not explain. But these things will come and go. I know that. But it’s really nerve racking.

I feel like this might not work out for me somehow. But we will see.

Schools almost out. I have 2 weeks left and I am really excited to get out of that hell hole. To be honest the teachers are wonderful but the students SUCK.

UA, I’ll be there in a few short months and that crazy to me. Roll Tide.